Project Overview

A chance meeting led to us stumbling upon an important story which we felt had to be told. Once the remarkable Connie Henry described the impact that Track Academy, the charity she founded, had been having on disadvantaged youngsters for more than a decade, we asked to visit and quickly agreed to start filming. At this stage, none of us knew for exactly what purpose…

Thankfully, once ITV saw our first taster reel, they shared our passion for the story and commissioned an evening documentary shortly afterwards. We’re extremely proud of the resulting film and forever grateful to everyone who took part in it. The programme shone a light on the complex challenges around social equality and how the power of sport can help change lives.

It would have been easy for ITV to let this one pass so we are delighted that it punched above its weight for them, and received such uplifting reviews in the press and across social media.

Programme Reviews & Info